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  • How to cook quinoa

    How to cook quinoa

    We’ve been cooking quinoa a lot the last 5 years and I still forget the recipe proportions sometimes so I am sharing them here! This is a basic recipe for boiled quinoa, similar to cooking rice. In fact I usually use my rice cooker, which I include an option for in the instructions. Quinoa is […]

  • Black Bean and Veggie Chili

    Black Bean and Veggie Chili

    This is a colourful, hearty, easy-to-make vegan chili recipe. The main ingredients are black beans, yam, bell peppers and kale. This delicious chili is closely based on a recipe from a woman named Maribeth, who is hosting a 30-day green smoothie challenge. Her recipe called for more yam, less bell pepper, and no kale. Not […]

  • Cooking with Kale: Kale Chips, Orange and Green Salad, Green Juice

    Cooking with Kale: Kale Chips, Orange and Green Salad, Green Juice

    Growing up I only remember seeing Kales as a decoration beside my hamburger and coleslaw at whitespot. But lately I have been hearing lots of chatter about the leafy green vegetable. Kale has numerous health benefits including high levels of iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, antioxidants and more. (Read more about the top 10 health […]

  • Roasted tomato soup

    Roasted tomato soup

    I love growing tomatoes in the summer. This year I opted to not cage them, partly out of cheapness (not wanting to buy new cages), and partly out of curiosity to see what would happen if they sprawled all over the deck. Well, they did sprawl and they took up more room than they would […]

  • Lemon pepper potato and carrot fries

    Lemon pepper potato and carrot fries

    I bought a big bag of potatoes and have been combining with different root vegetables to make french fries. The other day I needed to make a quick snack for some visiting family and started cutting up some french fry potatoes and carrots. I had a few lemons on the counter and decided to try […]