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  • Make your own maple syrup

    Make your own maple syrup

    Maple syrup is the quintessential Canadian treat. Did you know you can make it yourself? With some maple trees, the right weather and a little work you can collect and turn maple tree sap into the perfect pancake topper. And this is not just a northern or eastern Canada activity. On Vancouver Island there is […]

  • Almond French Toast

    Almond French Toast

    I was making french toast this morning and realized I didn’t have any vanilla, my usual french toast flavour of choice. I remembered I had almond extract, as well as some sliced almonds leftover from last night’s salad, so decided to try something new. It was a big hit. The sliced almonds actually form a […]

  • Nonna’s gnocchi

    Nonna’s gnocchi

    Here’s another one of my Nonna’s great recipes. These simple pasta pillows consist mainly of potato and are all you’ll ever need on a cold and rainy day. I’d seen these done by my grandmother time and time again but had never attempted the recipe myself. After phoning my Nonna, the best I was able […]

  • Zucchini Potato Latkes

    Zucchini Potato Latkes

    Last Saturday I woke up with a desire beyond the eggs and toast standard. Finding a lone zucchini in the fridge I decided to try something I had attempted to make several years ago that had not turn out: latkes. Using my trusty Cooks Illustrated cooking bible as a reference this time around, I came […]

  • Mostly raspberry (with a little blackberry) jam

    Mostly raspberry (with a little blackberry) jam

    I made 4 batches of jam this year. This is the first time I have made jam by myself – I used to help my mom make it when I was younger. It turned out to be easier than I thought, which is probably why I ended up making it so many times. The first […]