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  • Guinness Shepherd’s Pie

    Guinness Shepherd’s Pie

    I love pulling this recipe out in the fall. It combines one of my favourite meats — lamb — with one of my favourite beers — Guinness. Ingredients 5 medium sized potatoes 1 Tbsp butter 1/4-1/2 cup of milk 1.5 lbs of ground lamb 1/2 onion 2 carrots 2 ribs of celery 2 bell peppers…

  • Leek and Potato Soup

    Leek and Potato Soup

    I love making homemade soups. They’re economical and offer a sense of purpose to that stock pile of yogurt containers in your cupboard. This easy to make recipe pairs buttery leeks and potatoes — perfect for fall/winter hibernation. Ingredients For the homemade stock 2 carrots 3 ribs of celery 1 yellow onion 3 cleaned leek…