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  • How to cook quinoa

    How to cook quinoa

    We’ve been cooking quinoa a lot the last 5 years and I still forget the recipe proportions sometimes so I am sharing them here! This is a basic recipe for boiled quinoa, similar to cooking rice. In fact I usually use my rice cooker, which I include an option for in the instructions. Quinoa is […]

  • Leon’s easy, “no-knead” pizza dough

    Leon’s easy, “no-knead” pizza dough

    My brother Leon was over a while ago and quickly whipped up a pizza dough that he touted as a “no-knead” pizza dough. Less work – sounds great! It was delicious so I asked him to share the recipe. I have made it a number of times since and it always turns out great. If […]

  • The Perfect Pork Tenderloin

    The Perfect Pork Tenderloin

    Pork is easily my meat of choice. It is so versatile and used throughout so many cuisines. It is also very economical and comes in so many different cuts, you’d be hard pressed to run out of ideas for this viande. It is certainly a staple in my house. And one of our favourite cuts […]

  • Butcher Block Love

    Butcher Block Love

    So it’s story time, and as you know at the end of a good story, you’ve usually learned a thing or two or tree. That being said,  I was working on a client’s house last week, being my usual friendly self, and happened to walk by a massive chunk of wood sitting on the ground next to the house. Realizing what […]