Tacos de Chorizo

Tacos de Chorizo

Tacos de Chorizo
A little Valentina?

The first taco post on Family of Cooks… It’s an exciting moment, I know. Tacos are definitely a favourite for us – we have friends and family to thank for that.  And while it’s exciting to experiment with wild and wonderful tacos ideas there is something to be said for sticking with the classics.

Tacos in Mexico are often refreshingly simple. Pick a meat, pick a tortilla, and maybe, if you’re feeling loco, you might get beans and/or cheese on that. Add some salsa or some hot sauce and Roberto’s your tio.

This recipe honours that simple taco concept. Chorizo, beans, beans, cheese, and the classic onion and cilantro finished with lime. Perfect.


Refried Beans (optional)
White mildish cheese like Jack, Mozza or Oaxaca if you want to spurge (optional)
Minced Onions
Chopped Cilantro
Sliced Limes
Hot Sauce or Salsa to taste


Get the refried beans heat up. I usually add a bit of veggie oil and a touch of water with the beans and put the lid on the pot to get them started. Chop up the onions and cilantro and combine… these will end up as a topping. Slice up the cheese if you’re using it.

Prepped Taco Toppings
Prepped Toppings

I heat up two pans: One to heat up the chorizo (which I dice/chop up fairly fine) and the other to warm the tortillas.

Chorizo, Beans and Tortillas
Stove top tacos

Once the chorizo is starting to sizzle and the beans are warmed up you are ready to go. Toss a few tortillas on the pan and get ready to start assembling. I flip the tortillas once then add some cheese to one side with some beans on top. Move the tortillas to a plate, add a nice spoonful of chorizo and then top with the onions and cilantro mixture. Serve with some hot sauce and a slice of lime and you’re good to go. Simple and delicious.

Tacos de Chorizo
Go time.



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3 responses to “Tacos de Chorizo”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    “…and maybe, if you’re feeling loco…” love it. Nicely done. Looks delicious!

  2. Aldea Avatar

    Mmmmmmm! This is making me hungry. Looking forward to more taco posts!

  3. Aldea Avatar

    Made these last week – so good! We used chopped peppers and tomatoes with lime juice for the garnish.

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