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  • How to cook quinoa

    How to cook quinoa

    We’ve been cooking quinoa a lot the last 5 years and I still forget the recipe proportions sometimes so I am sharing them here! This is a basic recipe for boiled quinoa, similar to cooking rice. In fact I usually use my rice cooker, which I include an option for in the instructions. Quinoa is […]

  • Polenta Fries

    Polenta Fries

    Sometimes I cook what I want to eat. Other times I cook something because the ingredients are available. Making polenta fries was an example of the latter. I had the polenta already cooked, I had the leftover oil I’d used for frying from a couple of days earlier, so making polenta fries seemed like the natural thing […]

  • The Best Brussel Sprouts

    The Best Brussel Sprouts

    Over the holidays, The Food Network was airing all the Jamie Oliver holiday specials. He is a big favourite in our family — with a simplistic style, he always takes delicious ingredients and makes straight forward, easily accessible, plain ol’ good food. In one of his specials he made an incredible sautéed brussel sprout side […]

  • Lemon pepper potato and carrot fries

    Lemon pepper potato and carrot fries

    I bought a big bag of potatoes and have been combining with different root vegetables to make french fries. The other day I needed to make a quick snack for some visiting family and started cutting up some french fry potatoes and carrots. I had a few lemons on the counter and decided to try […]