Zucchini Potato Latkes

Last Saturday I woke up with a desire beyond the eggs and toast standard. Finding a lone zucchini in the fridge I decided to try something I had attempted to make several years ago that had not turn out: latkes.

Using my trusty Cooks Illustrated cooking bible as a reference this time around, I came up with a new recipe that turned out rather well.


1/2  yellow onion (grated, juice discarded)
1 zucchini
1 large potato
1 egg
1 clove garlic, minced
2 Tbsp bread crumbs (Panko style is ideal)
2 Tbsp oil
1 tsp salt
pepper to taste


Grate the onion and discard of the juice. You can use your hands for this, or a strainer and a wooden spoon to press the juices through—your hands is the more fun option, plus it means less dishes.

Place the onion and minced garlic into a mixing bowl. Then grate the zucchini and, using either your hand or strainer, discard of excess juices. Add to the bowl with the onion/garlic mixture.

Grated zucchini

Then grate the potato (I leave the skin on) and, you guessed it, discard of the excess juices before adding to the zucchini/onion/garlic mixture.

Add the egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper to the mixing bowl and mix until all the contents bind together.

Add the oil to a non-stick skillet with heat on medium high. Once the oil is nice and hot, turn down to medium. Taking roughly 1/3 cup of the mixture, make a 1/2 inch thick patty with your hands. Add to the hot oil, and repeat making sure not to over crowd the patties.

Here is the key to a crispy exterior: allow the latke patties to fry in the skillet for ten minutes WITHOUT touching them. Not even a peak! Leaving the latkes to their own devices allows a crisp exterior to form while cooking the inside.

After ten minutes, flip the patties carefully (they will be delicate and quite soft on the inside) and fry for another ten minutes.

Once both sides have cooked, gently place the latkes on a cooling rack for five minutes before serving as a side to any meal, or on their own with plenty of sour cream.

Lots of latkes


2 responses to “Zucchini Potato Latkes”

  1. Aldea Avatar

    MMMMmmmm, something else to do with the grated zucchinni in my freezer!

  2. Meg Avatar

    Tried these last night – they were a really nice change for potato and zuke. Definitely making them again, they were tasty!

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