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  • Leon’s easy, “no-knead” pizza dough

    Leon’s easy, “no-knead” pizza dough

    My brother Leon was over a while ago and quickly whipped up a pizza dough that he touted as a “no-knead” pizza dough. Less work – sounds great! It was delicious so I asked him to share the recipe. I have made it a number of times since and it always turns out great. If…

  • Basil fried rice

    Basil fried rice

    A flavourful and fragrant fried rice that is easy to make and comes with a meat and vegetarian option. Makes 4 servings. We have made this twice in the last two days. The first day we made it with chicken breast, the second day we made a vegetarian version. Both turned out delicious. Ingredients 4-5…

  • Roasted tomato soup

    Roasted tomato soup

    I love growing tomatoes in the summer. This year I opted to not cage them, partly out of cheapness (not wanting to buy new cages), and partly out of curiosity to see what would happen if they sprawled all over the deck. Well, they did sprawl and they took up more room than they would…